Standing on the startline after 10 years in the industry.
Such a mindset feels just right.

CEO Norichika Oooka

I'm actually not a fan of the word "artisan".
When I dove into the watch repair industry at 18 years old, I was in a world surrounded by said artisans,
where proper training and benefits were foreign concepts back then.
Thus, the word "artisan" reminds me of such times.

Be a Professional  Engineer

If anything, I would prefer to be referred to as a "technician", who puts food on the table with their skills and mastery of craft. I believe this profession gives us such a sense of pride.

I feel that many in this field of business takes an old-fashioned approach on things. That is why our company strives to set a proper working environment through things such as going paperless, and maintaining repairs through the web.

To organize working hours, we prioritized setting a management system in place.
Needless to say, we do not spare expenses for tools that our technicians use.
Furthermore, we conduct one-on-one training, starting from the basics.