It’s a pleasure to be called the “lifeline of the company”.

Joined Equipment in 2019. Worked as a lighting staff at one of the halls in Aoyama after graduating trade school for lighting technicians. After fulfilling the contact period of their job, they move on to work as a clerk at a travel agent. They then work as a call center attendant in a estate agency, and join Equipment to put their skills they gained throughout the years to use.



How do you feel after joining Equipment?

I work as an office attendant, responsible for takss such as handling repair requests from manufacturers, assigning jobs to repairers, and shipping repaired goods. I figured that I could easily handle the job given my prior experience in handling calls from clients, but was quickly proved wrong. First, we have to carefully inspect the product sent from the client manufacturers, making sure there aren’t any mistakes in repair requests, and making sure the correct serial number is registered. We also have to request estimates from our technicians. My job is not limited to a quiet office job, as there are many situations in which communication and decision-making skills are required, making it a demanding experience. Rather, I’m thankful that it’s not an average office job.


What is Equipment like?

I feel that there are strong connections between the employees here. There are a lot of things to memorize throughout the job, such as rules to adhere to when requesting estimates, but even in such cases our technicians are always very willing and helpful. I first thought I would have to work with the scary silent-types, so I was very glad to learn that it was quite the contrary. Compared to my past work, I feel like I’m spending more time consulting others. Also, our CEO calling our department the “lifeline of the company” gives us great reassurance. I think there’s always the impression of the back office being considered as the “behind the scenes”, but it’s nice to have the top of the company understand and communicate the importance of such a workplace.


A message for those considering this field

I think this company takes great care in prioritizing the life events of its employees. Many of my senior colleagues have recieved prenatal and postnatal leave, as well as parental leave. Furthermore, the fact that many of the tasks require learning and experience gives one a sense of growth. Also, there’s a lot of restaurants and shopping areas around the office, so that’s nice as well.