Earning trust from clients around the world

I began this business back in 1993 on my own, but now I am fortunate enough to work alongside dozens of employees.

We are able to do business with watch manufacturers from around the world that represent the industry.
We are blessed to be at a state where we recieve a request from a new manufacturer about once every 2 years.


Honest and straightforward

Ever since our founding, we have valued transparency and quality in our repairs.
No matter how we go about our repairs, one can no longer see the details once the case is shut.

As unpleasant as it may sound, that means that one cannot notice a poor repair.
That is why we document and report our repairs to the manufacturers down to the last detail.
We ensure that a third party can understand the cost and reasoning of repairs.

Norichika Oooka

We offer the best equipment and personnel

We spare no expenses to invest in technology such as cleaners, welders, and laser processors.
All machinery are state-of-the-art, giving us a completeness that is uncommon among our competitors.

Even if the product is discontinued by the original manufacturer, we are capable of manufacturing our own parts for the repair.
Of course, even with a complete set of machinery, we must not forget that our goal is to meet the needs of the user.
Thus, we have prepared an environment to satisfy the most advanced repair requests, with certified watchmakers representing Switzerland, and other certified technicians among us offering high-end techniques and skills.


Repairs that look at all parts. Handling everything from exteriors to movement.
In addition to ultrasonic cleaning, waterproof testing after overhauls, and timing measurements, we spare no expenses to invest in advanced processors such as lathes and laser processing machines to manufacture various components of timepieces. Equipped to suit a variety of needs for exteriors and functionality, our services are unmatched by our competitors.