01 Benefits

Pursue a specialist profession where you can do so comfortably.

In the world of “artisans”, minimum salary, no overtime pay may have been commonplace in the past.
At Equipment, we have strived to break out of such traditional trends.

Raises are given every year with respect to skill. Bonuses are paid twice per year. While the amount may differ depending on performance, they are mostly paid for about 5-months of payments.
Work management was prioritized to be shifted to a web-based management system. Overtime work is paid for as well.
We also pay for child support, health checkups, and vaccines.
We at Equipment believe that if one is to pursue a career as a skilled technician, a comfortable working environment is a vital requirement.

Welfare Overview

  • Full transforpation expenses
  • Complete social insurance (employment, health, disaster, pension)
  • Overtime pay (100% is paid, roughly amounting to 50,000 – 60,000 yen per month)
  • Special allowance
  • Child allowance
  • Health checkups, influenza vaccines (all expenses are paid for by the company)
  • Training Programs

02 instrunction

From inexperienced to a skilled technician.

Gaining knowledge and skills not from lectures, but through on-the-job-training.
You’ll start from relatively simple jobs, and gradually learn to handle more advanced jobs, such as cleansing components.

By separating body and movement, we use specialized ultrasonic cleansers and hot steam, as well as brushes to clean products as good as new.
Under guidance and support from senior colleagues, you’ll learn how watches are connected, how they can be taken apart, and how you can put them back together.
You’ll primarily be handling famfous luxury brands.

You’ll may soon notice on the job that some parts may not be authentic, and that it may lead to defects in the future. Suggesting such things are what gradually leads to earning trust from clients, which is what our company values.
Almost all senior colleagues started in this business from no prior experience.
It takes perserverence to become a dependable technician. Do not rush, and take it one task at a time.