Heart  Moving Quality


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Breathe life into a stopped watch.
Let time move once again.

Watch repairs are the culmination of craft and skill which bring upon such emotions.
We at Equipment put our craft at work to move not only the needles of stopped watches, but also the hearts of its owners.



We value transparency and quality to our repairs.

Only the repairer can see the insides of a watch, which is exactly why we give our best.

Norichika Oooka

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Our Business


High-end items deserve high-end repairs.

Movement starting from the exteriors.

We offer services for quartz, mechanical, recent products to anitiques, and many more types of timepieces.

We handle parts from various watchmakers primarily from oversea brands, and even in cases which we don't have your specific part, we are capable of manufacturing them from scratch.

Our company can thus service products which were turned away from other repairers.

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Internal Equipment

Repairs that look at all parts.

Handling everything from exteriors to movement.

In addition to ultrasonic cleaning, waterproof testing after overhauls, and timing measurements, we spare no expenses to invest in advanced processors such as lathes and laser processing machines to manufacture various components of timepieces.

Equipped to suit a variety of needs for exteriors and functionality, our services are unmatched by our competitors.

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