Areas of Service

In repair we see all parts

We deal with the exterior to the movement in one repair session. Our standard is overhaul repair, in which we disassemble watches, clean all parts, and reassemble the watch to restore them to like new condition in terms of performance. This process is costly but we go to great lengths to finish every single one. We consider it to be "hospitality meets repair work."

We reproduce parts that are not available.

We can form and remake parts where the manufacturer no longer has an inventory. Customers' costs are reduced when parts are repaired instead of being replaced. We process customer watches to a perfect finish, including repair of exterior parts, before returning the watch

This is Equipment's laboratory.

Repair in a poor environment could cause watches to malfunction. We at Equipment aim to secure a workspace as clean as operating theaters and research labs. We order the latest tools and equipment for use in our repair work. As such, we are sometimes interviewed and visited by repair tool manufacturers and equipment manufacturers on the performance of their products.