Excellent skills are passed down.
We are proactively working to train our young staff.

Our skills to repair the exterior areas of watches are at the top in the industry. With an aspiration to hand down the excellent skills we have developed to the next generation, we are actively engaged in recruitment activities.
Hiring graduates and non-graduates every year, we have a complete personnel training system. For instance, our personnel are focused on learning the names of parts and the structure of watches during the first year. Personnel thoroughly learn the mechanism of watches through the work of dividing bodies and movements and then washing with dedicated ultrasonic washing equipment, high-temperature steam, and brushes to the degree that the watches look almost new.
We especially welcome those who want to develop a skilled occupation, who are good at detailed work, and who value teamwork.

We wash, repair, and maintain watches that have broken because of many years of use and impacts caused by negligence. The watches we handle are high-end brand watches from overseas worth 500,000+ yen. Personnel are required to be meticulous in their work to protect the watch brands. Up to 80% of our repair work is with quartz watches (those using crystal vibration at a certain voltage) and 20% is with mechanical watches.

Job description
We welcome people who are dexterous and do not mind doing elaborate work. *We have no educational background requirements and welcome recent graduates with a few years of work experience.

Permanent position

Location and access
UenoHS Bld.8F, 2-7-7 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Three-minute walk from Ueno-hirokoji Station on the Ginza Subway Line
Six-minute walk from Ueno Station on the JR lines

Working hours
*Requires occasional overtime. Overtime is fully paid.

Monthly salary of 170,000 yen or more; bonus equivalent to five months' salary; overtime fully paid (around 50,000–60,000 yen per month on average)
*This is the minimum salary. Salaries are higher for those with experience.

Example of
annual income
4.2 million yen / four years at Equipment; 29 years old (monthly salary of 210,000 yen, bonus, and overtime included)

holidays are holidays
Two holidays per week (Saturdays, and Sundays *1–2 workdays fall on a Saturday in a month); national holidays,
summer holidays (three days), year-end, new year holidays (seven days); May holidays; and paid leaves

Welfare and benefits
Pay raises when deemed necessary
Three bonuses per year (March, July, December / five months' equivalent)
All transportation costs paid
Social insurance fully covered (employment insurance, health insurance, labor incident, welfare pension) Overtime
In-house events (a couple of drinking parties each year. Free of charge)