Message from the president

Only repairers see the inside of watches.
Even where the results of our repair work are not visible, we do our best.

At the age of 18, I joined the watch repair industry. I handled 20+ brands with a focus on high-end models from overseas. Through routine work, I felt that watch repair could easily become a black box. In other words, no one would know whether the repair work was good or bad once the lid was closed. Wishing to further pursue quality and work with a high level of transparency, I established Equipment when I was 27.

We, for instance, provide the details of our repair work to manufacturers. We make it clear to all, including third parties, what parts had problems, specifically what repair work we did, and how much it cost. Announcing the details of repair work is rare in the industry. I believe increased transparency in repair work would raise the awareness of repairers and improve the quality of their work.

We are in the brand watch repair section. We cannot damage brand images. Conversely, if we return to customers watches that are restored to almost new condition, the impression of brand watches improves. We hope to improve the value of brand watches by improving the quality of our repair work.
We will develop each day as we have in the past in order to become a leader in the watch repair industry.